Countdown to Commencement

April 26, 2016

What Are Your Career Plans?

I’d like to pursue a career serving the veteran population and also to continue working with people who have developmental disabilities.  The military program that was created at Touro has opened my mind to a new career path that I did not know existed until I came here. 

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Celebrating Our Social Workers

March 18, 2016

March is National Social Worker's Month. In celebration of the important work of our country's more than 600,000 social workers, among them GSSW grads, we asked four alumni of the Graduate School of Social Work to reflect on their professional journeys thus far.  We spoke with Bobby, Chana, Cheryl and Aris about what they have learned about social work -- what has excited them, surprised them, challenged them and inspired them. And what keeps them going as they take on some of the most critical work needed to support individuals, our communities and the world in which we live.

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Illuminating the Night

December 14, 2015

We light 44 Chanukah candles during the longest and coldest nights of the year. We light these candles after dark, during the period when the moon is waning and reflecting the least light.  As such, these candles are lit during the darkest part of the day, month and year.  We light these Chanukah candles for eight days. These candles do not eliminate the darkness, they merely temper the darkness. These Chanukah candles temper the darkness by temporarily casting their illumination into dark spots.

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Hila Revah: Lending an Ear

December 10, 2015

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Social Work Alum Helps Spread the Warmth

November 30, 2015

Katie Levy, a 2014 graduate of Touro’s Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), is helping organize an alumni and student association coat drive for New York Cares this winter. Touro Talk caught up with her to find out why she got involved and how we can all help.

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Touro School of Social Work Launches New Wellness & Health Initiative

November 10, 2015

On Tuesday, October 22, Touro's Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW) Dean Steven Huberman told everyone to go take a hike. Literally, that is.

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Sukkot: The Time of Our Happiness

September 25, 2015

My son-in-law and I spend an autumn afternoon schlepping , measuring, cutting  and hammering wood and bonding while we build a Sukkah. This Sukkah will be our families’ temporary dwelling place while we celebrate Sukkot. As we step out of the comfort zones of our routines and our homes and into a holiday and an outdoor temporary dwelling, I am reminded that “no one likes change except a wet baby.”

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Resolutions for Change

September 22, 2015

As I fast, confess and make resolutions for change on Yom Kippur, I listen to the reading of the entire Book of Jonah.  As the final blessing on the book is chanted, I ask myself the ultimate Yom Kippur question - how real is my repentance?  Wasn’t I here last year?  Didn’t I repent last year?  How will this year’s resolutions for change made in the synagogue on this holy day withstand the upcoming year’s stress and strains? 

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The Courage to Keep Fighting

September 10, 2015

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A Little Older, Much Wiser

August 21, 2015

Bobby Staley exudes grit and grace. In 2008, he was named valedictorian and commencement speaker of the Graduate School of Social Work. No starry-eyed kid, Staley was 49 and had been working full time and finishing up night school when he decided to go to graduate school.  “I thrived at Touro,” Staley says, “because of the care and concern from staff and faculty, as well as the school’s emphasis on the human aspect of social work.”

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