Listening In

December 20, 2012

One of the most important attributes anyone can possess, and one of the rarest, is being a good listener. Lifelong Brooklynite and Touro Graduate School of Social Work alum Rabbi Asher Taub has used this gift to better his life and work. It was a discipline he fomented while earning his Masters, and has since helped lead to a successful career providing therapy for individuals and couples struggling with anxiety at Flatbush’s Ohel Clinic, in addition to fulfillment as a husband and father.

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Unorthodoxly Orthodox

November 19, 2012

One of the most important attributes for any therapist is the capacity to hear everything a patient is expressing while zeroing in on what’s essential to your course of treatment. It’s a unique skill, perhaps inherent, and one that 23-year-old Brooklyn native and current Spring Valley, NY resident Yisroel Isaacs is grateful to possess. That knack for compartmentalizing also came in handy while studying Psychology at Connecticut’s Post University and, later, Touro, where he’s currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Social Work. Isaacs was raised in the ultra-Orthodox community of Borough Park, where attending college wasn’t necessarily encouraged, in part because of the potential exposure to theories that differentiate from a stridently observant Jewish perspective.

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From Aide to Advocate

October 15, 2012

Early in life, we do our best to follow others’ positive example en route to personal fulfillment. Once we have children, that mindset shifts somewhat to inspiring the next generation while living up to our own standards. Annetta Grey knows all about this balance of inner satisfaction and outwardly projecting an admirable image. The 39-year-old recent alumnus of Touro’s Graduate School of Social work has a 16-year-old daughter who both grounds and motivates her.

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