Inner Strength

“I’m stronger than I thought, and I don’t have to do everything—just the best that I can.”

June 26, 2013

Slowing down her care hasn’t been easy. “I’ve had to hold myself back and not give advice,” she confesses. “Now I guide people to problem-solve for themselves.” That theme of empowerment is just as evident in her concentration on women’s mental health and the child-bearing cycle. Korbman is also a birthing dula, or a source of support and advocacy for women before, during and after labor.

And after experiencing her own life cycle as a mother, grandmother, nurse and now social worker, she recognizes that the path to wellness is paved with resilience and realism. “When I was much younger, I really did think, ‘I’m gonna change peoples’ lives.’ Now, as a seasoned person, I realize it’s OK to make an impact in whatever small way you can, even though you can’t change the world. I mean, I’ll keep trying….”

This is Malka Korbman’s story.