Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Fall 2018
Monday 3-Sep Labor Day  TCGSSW  closed No  classes
Tuesday 4-Sep Orientation for Incoming  Class    
Tuesday  4-Sep End of  Fall 2018 registration     
Wednesday  5-Sep First Day of Wednesday Classes Fall 2018    
Thursday 6-Sep First day of Thursday Classes Fall 2018    
Sunday 9-Sep Eve of Rosh Hashana   No classes
Monday 10-Sep First Day of Rosh Hashana  TCGSSW closed  No classes
Tuesday  11-Sep Second Day of Rosh Hashana TCGSSW closed  No classes
Wednesday  12-Sep Classes resume    
Sunday 16-Sep First day of Sunday Classes Fall 2018                                     
Monday  17-Sep First Day of Monday Classes Fall 2018    
Tuesday 18-Sep Eve of Yom Kippur   No classes
Wednesday  19-Sep Yom Kippur  TCGSSW closed  No classes
Thursday 20-Sep Classes Resume    
Sunday 23-Sep Eve of Succos   No classes
Monday 24-Sep First Day of Succos TCGSSW closed  No classes
Tuesday  25-Sep Second day of Succos TCGSSW closed  No classes
Wednesday  26-Sep Classes resume    
Sunday  30-Sep Hoshana Rabba   No classes
Monday  1-Oct Shmini Atzeret TCGSSW closed  No classes
Tuesday 2-Oct Simhat Torah TCGSSW closed  No classes
Wednesday  3-Oct Classes resume    
Tuesday 9-Oct First meeting of Tuesday classes Fall 2018     
Monday  5-Nov Advisement for  Spring/Summer 2019 begins     
Thursday 22-Nov Thanksgiving  TCGSSW closed No classes
Sunday 25-Nov Thanksgiving Sunday TCGSSW closed No classes
Monday  26-Nov Classes Resume    
Wednesday  28-Nov Advisement for Spring/Summer 2019 ends     
Thursday 29-Nov Registration for Spring 2019 begins     
Sunday  16-Dec Final Meeting of Sunday classes Fall 2018    
Monday  17-Dec Final Meeting of Monday classes Fall 2018     
Tuesday 18-Dec Final meeting of Tuesday classes Fall 2018    
Wednesday  19-Dec Final Meeting of Wednesday classes Fall 2018    
Thursday  20-Dec Final Meeting of Thursday classes Fall 2018     
Spring 2019
Tuesday 1-Jan New Years Day TCGSSW closed No classes
Monday 21-Jan MLK Birthday TCGSSW closed No classes
Thursday 23-Jan Orientation for Incoming Class     
Monday  28-Jan First  Monday class meeting    
Tuesday 29-Jan First Tuesday class meeting     
Wednesday  30-Jan First Wednesday class meeting    
Thursday 31-Jan First Thursday class  meeting     
Sunday  3-Feb First Sunday class meeting     
Monday  18-Feb Presidents Day TCGSSW closed  No classes
Monday 4-Mar Registration for Summer 2019 begins    
Monday  18-Mar Registration for Summer 2019 ends     
Tuesday 19-Mar Advisement for Fall 2019 begins     
Wednesday  20-Mar Eve of Purim    No classes
Thursday 21-Mar Purim    No classes
Wednesday  10-Apr Advisement for Fall 2019 ends    
Thursday 11-Apr Registration for fall 2019 begins    
Sunday  21-Apr Passover - 2nd Day TCGSSW closed No classes
Monday  22-Apr Spring recess   No classes
Tuesday  23-Apr Spring recess   No classes
Wednesday  24-Apr Spring recess   No classes
Thursday 25-Apr Spring recess   No classes
Sunday 28-Apr Classes resume    
Monday  13-May Final Meeting of  Monday classes    
Tuesday 14-May Final meeting of Tuesday classes    
Wednesday  15-May Final meeting of Wednesday classes    
Thursday  16-May Final meeting of Thursday classes