SW 642 Integrative Practice Field Seminar

Integrative Practice Field Seminar is a one year course, designed to augment Foundation Year Field Education in conjunction with the Practice I and II courses.  The seminar assists students in transitioning into their professional roles as social work interns in field.  The seminar offers skills and learning necessary for students to develop a sense of professional self and introduces them to the concepts of self-reflection and autonomy as practitioners. Students will learn to integrate generalist social work practice and theory while furthering their social work skills. 

Seminar content focuses specifically on professional growth and representation, the complex and multifaceted roles of social work, and the challenges of transitioning as student, intern and social worker.  Students will have the opportunity to openly explore ethical dilemmas and role conflicts along with personal and professional values. The integrative seminar prepares students for proactive learning and explores the many issues surrounding difference as it relates to gender, age, sexual orientation, religion etc.