SW 651 Foundations of Social Work Practice II

This course is a continuation of the skills learned in Foundations of Social Work Practice I and specifically addresses the middle and ending phases of practice.   The course teaches students that social work practice in its broadest sense and within a specific session, proceeds through “phases of work.” Generalist middle-phase practice concepts such as: tuning in, implementing the plan, prioritizing goals, partializing a problem, facilitating elaboration and communicating empathy will be taught.  The course will also concentrate on the dynamics and skills involved in transitions and endings. Students learn specific techniques that can be used to facilitate the problem-solving work at each step.

Throughout the course we explore several factors that can profoundly affect practice such as agency culture, professional values and ethics, issues of social and economic justice and diversity. Practice principles for social work with oppressed and vulnerable people will be explored.  Emphasis is on skills necessary for generalist practice at the micro, mezzo and macro levels within the person and environment, strengths based perspectives.