SW 799 Advanced Integrative Capstone in Social Work Knowledge and Practice

This Capstone course is designed for social work students to help apply their social work graduate educational experiences and integrate them into a standardized format. Core concepts and knowledge acquisition related to graduate program curriculum such as: Knowledge of Human Diversity and the Social Environment, Assessment and Intervention Planning, Direct and Indirect Practice, and Professional Relationships, Values and Ethics will be applied to test-taking strategy. This course will have three primary purposes: (1) Review the basics for taking a standardized test; (2) Review core concepts and coursework related to social work practice; (3) Integrate this information into a standardized testing format. This Capstone course will build upon all previous courses in the curriculum and the field internship assisting the student to break down general social work information and apply it toward passing the licensing exam, which is often required prior to beginning professional activity in the field of social work practice.