Scholarships & Financial Aid

Looking for scholarships, loans or work-study to help offset the cost of tuition? Assistance is available. 

We know earning a degree can be a financial burden on you and your family. Though our programs offer competitive tuition, many of our students need financial aid.

To apply for financial aid you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at You might want to review our step-by-step guide on how to apply, first. Our Financial Aid counselors are available to help you fill out loan applications and apply for veterans benefits, and there are many internal and external scholarships that can help cover your tuition costs.

You must apply for aid every year you are enrolled, but we try to keep the process simple. As long as you remain in good standing, the Office of Financial Aid will initiate and disperse your packages on time, worry free. Touro scholarships are not automatically renewable.


For many, taking out loans to pay for school is a big decision. But with the pay increase that comes with an advanced degree, most of our graduates tell us on average, that they are able to pay off their loans within 8-10 years of graduation. Touro College participates in Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Plus Loans, the GI Bill and Federal Work Study Program. You can also apply for private loans.

Work Study & Stipends

Some work study (now called employment-based field work) positions are available for those who qualify. There is also a stipend for advanced year students that specialize and a limited number of Touro merit scholarships for second-year students.

Please refer to the Student Bulletin for more information about types of loans and the federal work-study program.

Contact the Office

Don’t hesitate to contact our Financial Aid Office with any questions about your options. 

Naomie Ganthier
Associate Director of Financial Aid
212-463-0400 ext. 55322