They are game-changers, and they’re sitting in our classroom right now.

Our students are the heart and soul of our program. They come from all backgrounds and corners of the map. They draw the admiration of our faculty and go on to make exceptional contributions to their communities.

Why social work?

For some it’s because social workers once helped them, and for others there’s an innate call to give back and make things better.

Some of our students come to the Graduate School of Social Work straight out of undergrad: like Andrew who applied his musical talents toward developing recreational programs for underprivileged kids or Chana who’s done groundbreaking work on the growing young population in nursing homes.

And others arrive in search of second careers, coming to us after decades as nurses, lawyers, police officers, soldiers, and educators, seeking new ways to help people.

Our students are incredible individuals from all walks of life looking to accomplish incredible things. It’s our privilege to educate and motivate them while they, in turn, enlighten and inspire us.