Nancy Gallina, Ph.D., LCSW

Dean and Director of MSW Program

Associate Professor

Graduate School of Social Work

Nancy Gallina

Nancy Gallina, LCSW, PhD, is the dean and the director of the MSW program at Touro University Graduate School of Social Work. A founding member of the school’s faculty, Dr. Gallina has served as an assistant professor, associate dean, chief academic integrity officer, and the chair of practice sequence during her almost two decades with the University. She holds an LCSW and Ph.D. from Adelphi University where her research focused on the disparity between social work’s professed values and the practical demands of the profession. Dr. Gallina  was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Touro College Academy of Leadership and Management (TCALM). She has since returned to TCALM as a facilitator and guest speaker.

Dr. Gallina guided the social work school through the Covid-19 epidemic and ensured that students’ educational experience continued seamlessly.

Prior to joining Touro, Dr. Gallina helped found Nassau County’s Homeless Intervention Program, where she directed a collaborative effort between New York’s Department of Social Services and Nassau County’s Office of Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs to deliver services to Nassau County’s homeless population. Before her government work, Dr. Gallina was the director of Mineola’s Family and Children’s Association, under whose auspices she managed a temporary shelter and safe house for runaway and homeless youth, a family mediation clinic, and the Nassau Family Court and Child Center. Dr. Gallina runs a private clinical practice specializing in couples and grief counseling and treating childhood disorders such as ADHD, ODD, and autism. In her free time, Dr. Gallina serves as a clinical consultant to Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) and authored a six-year longitudinal study on the efficacy of the community intervention program.

Recent Publications

Ray, D., Lilly, J.P., Gallina, N., MacIan, P., & Wilson, B. (2017). Evaluation of Bikers Against Child Abuse Program: A community intervention for child abuse victims. Evaluation and Program Planning, 65, 124-130.

Gallina, N. (2011). Cultural competence in assessment and social work interventions: implications for practice and professional education. In Malgady, R. (Ed.). Cultural Competence in Assessment, Diagnosis, and Psychotherapy with Ethnic Minorities: Perspectives from Psychology, Social Work, and Education. Bentham Science Publishers

Gallina, N. (2010). Conflict between Professional Ethics and Practice Demands: Social Worker’s Perceptions. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, Volume 7, Number 2