A growing network of change-makers.


One of the benefits of attending the GSSW is that you will always be part of our family. Once you join the Touro family as a student, you’re always part of the Touro family! 

Here’s are some of the things we're already doing:

A Growing Network

We are 900 alumni strong. As we grow our alumni base, benefits, and programming, we want to make sure we continue to serve your professional needs as a social worker. It’s why we established the Alumni Association in 2016. Please let us know what activities and programming would benefit you!

As an alumnus, you  continue to play an important role in GSSW, helping to recruit future students; promoting a strong image of our school in the community; providing feedback on curricular matters; informing the school on trends and issues you see in the field; offering field placements and employment to graduates; mentoring other alumni and students; speaking or teaching at the school; helping to fundraise, and more. Please let us know how you would like to get involved!

The Alumni Association - led by the Alumni Leadership Council, comprised of four officers, working committees and a board of 50 fellow alumni from all class years – in addition to working on benefits to alumni and how alumni can contribute to the school, also works to promote the values of social work and social justice and to support the advancement of the profession of social work. Please share your thoughts and opportunities with us!

Ties That Bind

We are here for you. We firmly believe that alumni engagement is integral to the future of GSSW and we are working hard to strengthen those ties and maintain a network of active alumni.

As you go out and make big changes in the world, and individuals, we're still here for you as a resource. Be in touch, whether there's something we can help you with or just to let us know what you're up to and take pride in your accomplishments. 


Eric Levine, DSW, MSW LMSW
Director, Social Work Alumni Engagement
212-463-0400, ext. 55195

Alumni Association Leadership


President: John Lopez ‘15
Vice President: Cheryl Bogdan ‘12
Secretary: Julie Jimenez ‘14
Treasurer: Chana Lazar ‘12

Leadership Council

Seth Abrams '17
Anthony Alexander '09
Dori Alper '17
Annalene Antonio '14
Ashley Arocho '17
Jonathan Benedek '16
Toniann Bertonazzi '17
Keren Blum '19
Mindy Blumenfeld '09
Cheryl Bogdan '12
Patricia Chery Simon '16
Marsha Crawford '14
Brenda Davis '15
Leidy Deleon '18
Sherwonda Eberhart Bowman '14
Joan Edwards '09
Karen Filippi '19
Sakinah Freeman '11
Sheryl Frishman '18
Peter Glick '12
Ben Heisler '18
Jenever Heslop '18
Julie Jimenez '14
Aris Johnson '15
Rachel Jungreis '17
Sarah Keeler '15
Malka Korbman '12
Jane Kupershteyn '18
Chana Lazar '12
Rachel Levinson '17
Katie Levy '14
Joan Krystal Levy '08
Shoshana Lief '16
Caryn Loffman '12
John Lopez '15
Syreeta Love '17
Mimon Mamane '17
Deborah Marchuk '12
Antoinette Miller '10
Jasneth Mitchell '15
Marqueza Mitchell '18
Keneisha Newland '16
Stephanie Plasencia '17
Hila Revah '15
Amy Reznik '18
Christian Rodriguez '18
Vanessa Rosa '17
Laverne Sharpe Johnny '15
Bobby Staley '08
Raquel Straus '18
Sherline Thomas '17
Angel Luis Torres '08
Pamela Tripsas '08
Georgia Van Cooten '16
Freddie Vazquez-Rodriguez '09
Miriam Weiner '19
Eve Yudelson '11
Batya Zachter '18