The tools, knowledge, and support you need to make a difference.

Succeeding in the 21st century

Today’s world, and New York especially, is more diverse, more challenging, and more aware than ever before. The Graduate School of Social Work will give you the ability to navigate the complex needs of our city as a social worker, even as it continues to change.

Building alliances

We train clinical social workers. Teaching more than the basics of counseling, we educate our students in how to develop a therapeutic relationship with their client and how to use that relationship to effect beneficial change in the client. 

Affording you the opportunity

We are committed to nurturing a student body that represents the diversity in the communities we serve, and work hard to offer reasonable tuition and flexible financial-aid options. As a Yellow Ribbon School, we're proud to help veterans utilize their GI Bill benefits and provide opportunities to all those dedicated to affecting positive change.   

Equal parts textbook and experience

Our philosophy is activism as academics. That’s why we’ve kick-started a fellowship program that allows select participants to work with military veterans and launched a similar program to train students in Elder Care. It’s why, on one of the coldest nights of the year, we walk the streets of Manhattan with NYC’s Department of Homeless Services and help raise awareness by counting the city’s homeless population. And, as faculty, we lead our own community within Touro by example through mentorship and collaboration. 

Our seminar-style classes give you unfettered access to your professors and a wealth of information and know-how. Internships and fieldwork give you hands-on experience, allowing you to pursue your interests, find new ones, round out your capabilities, and apply what you’ve learned. Our students have worked with young children and the elderly, veterans, recovering addicts, the formerly incarcerated, and everyone in between.

By graduation day, you’ll be ready to conquer anything, and equipped to help anyone.