Our Mission & Vision

You want to change the world. We do too. We’re as committed to making a difference as you are. Our multi-disciplinary and experiential approach prepares you for the challenges of real life practice. And we’ve never wavered in our pledge to offer an affordable education to a diverse population.

Our Mission

The mission of the Touro University Graduate School of Social Work is to educate graduates for clinical social work practice in an urban, multicultural and diverse environment. This is consistent with the general mission of Touro University, which is to provide professional education for the benefit of the individual and society. This general mission is an expression of the Jewish religious tenet of Tikkun Olam, the striving to make the world a better place for all people.  

In accordance with the traditional social work values of social and economic justice, the Graduate School of Social Work is committed to providing accessible and affordable quality education to the traditionally educationally underserved groups. This includes persons of color, immigrants, refugees, and the various components of the Jewish community, in neighborhood-based MSW programs. 

The MSW program’s educational purpose is to prepare self-reflective and autonomous professionals who can meet the complex needs of New York City’s diverse population. The Graduate School of Social Work intends to increase the number of culturally competent clinical social workers to serve this rapidly increasing population in Metropolitan New York. 

The school’s curriculum is informed by the person-in-environment, ecological and strengths-based perspectives. The school provides students with a social work education that offers a theoretical and evidence-based foundation in generalist social work, as well as advanced knowledge and skills for effective clinical social work. This education prepares graduates for leadership roles in clinical social work practice with at-risk and vulnerable populations in the contemporary service delivery environment.