Dedicated and accomplished directors make sure the programs run smoothly and continue to improve and innovate our offerings.

Allison Bobick portrait

Allison Bobick, LCSW

Director of Student Advancement
Susan Brot

Susan Brot, LMSW

Associate Director of Field Education and Advisement
Sarala Kislack

Sarala Kislak, LMSW

Director of Advisement
Program Liaison
Eric Levine

Eric Levine, DSW, LMSW

Director, Social Work Alumni Engagement & Financial Resource Development
Elhanan Marvit

Elhanan Marvit, LCSW

Director of Program Operations
Athena Motal

Athena Motal, Ph.D., LCSW-R

Director of Recruitment, Outreach, and Enrollment Management
Roberta Shiffman

Roberta Shiffman, LMSW

Director of Field Education and Advisement
Alan Singer

Alan Singer, Ph.D., LMSW

Director of Jewish Community Outreach
Jamie Sundvall

Jamie Sundvall, PhD, LCSW

Online MSW Program Director
Miriam Turk

Miriam Turk, MSW, LCSW

Outreach Liaison & Recruitment Director, Jewish Community
Dorrine Veca

Dorrine Veca, LCSW

Assistant Director of Field Education & Advisement