Spotlight: Pre-Med-Turned-Social Work Student Seeks to Maximize “Helping Potential”

Joycee Chabbott Looks Forward to a Rewarding Career Focused on Children’s Mental Health

May 15, 2020
Joycee Chabbott

As a pre-med student, Joycee Chabbott spent her undergrad years knee deep in chemistry texts. When she began working in the medical field, Chabbott rethought her career path and shares why she's now enrolled in Touro's Graduate School of Social Work.

What made you realize you wanted to switch from pre-med to social work?

I was working in the medical field and realized that so many of the health care professionals  that were providing such crucial care to the patients were actually licensed social workers so I changed gears and switched to a different form of health care service.

What is your ultimate career goal? What do you hope to accomplish?

Right now there are so many things I’d like to do. That’s another reason why I chose an MSW program, because of the versatility the degree gives you. I enjoy working with children so I would definitely like to incorporate pediatric clinical work into my career.  But I guess whichever route I choose, my goal is the same which is to just maximize my “helping potential.”

There are so many settings in which to establish a social work career. Where do you best see yourself and why?

Right now I’m only in my first year of school so I can’t really say exactly where I see myself. I’m hoping that my field placement will give me exposure to a variety of settings and help me solidify exactly where I’d like to end up. But right now working in a hospital setting interests me. Long term I would like to open a private practice and provide therapy to children.

What do you enjoy most about studying social work?

I tell everyone how much I love school! It’s so rewarding knowing that you’re learning so that you could provide help to people. It makes every ounce of school work special and motivates me to work hard and study hard. It also encourages me to make the most of my schooling years and to try and absorb as much as I can to put me in the best position possible to provide care.

Why did you choose Touro?

I chose Touro for two main reasons. The first being the flexibility it offers me in terms of my work and outside schedule. The second reason was because of the environment I knew it possessed. However,  after being in Touro for a semester there are so many other advantages of being in Touro. My professors are all incredible and because the classes are so small, you really get to form relationships with your teachers. I never felt like another face in the crowd. (At orientation the teachers already knew my name!) Overall, the environment is so warm and friendly. From day one I already felt that I was part of an incredible family.